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Hi, I'm Christine Bilotti-Peterson, a High Performance Coach Specializing in Mindset, Mental Fitness and Behavior Change

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Change your mindset, change your life

Are you ready for more happiness, success and fulfillment? Developed through my coaching practice and 30+ years in HR, my proven approach helps professionals reach next level performance with increased energy, motivation, excitement and purpose.



We assess your current state, including your level of self awareness around important areas like emotional intelligence, your strengths and areas for development.



From there, we develop a clear identity encompassing your personal and professional self. Who do you want to be? What do you want to do? How do you want to feel?


Self Development

We create a plan for self care and development, focusing on inner work and introducing best practice strategies to recharge, relax and perform at your best.


Goals + Actions

We clarify your personal and professional goals and priorities to build the life you want and put action steps in place to make it a reality.


Develop your best self

Executive Coaching

Become an extraordinary leader

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Team Retreats

Take your leadership team to the next level

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Career Transition

Put the next stage of your career in motion

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Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)

Rewire you mind

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The Rx for Self Development

Define and develop your best self

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About Christine

“Guiding people through their development journey to achieve their goals and connect their life purpose is my passion. The best part is seeing how they can learn to be even more successful professionally while being healthier, happy and fulfilled at the same time.” - Christine

Christine is a High Performance Coach, specializing in helping high achievers and teams increase their level of achievement, happiness and fulfillment through: 

  • coaching on emotional intelligence,
  • increased goal attainment,
  • education & training on high performance levers and mindset and motivation tools,
  • and adjusting mindset and behavior to support their success.
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I have been bolder in my discussions with my boss...I do feel more confident and have been sleeping through the night.

Life has thrown a few curveballs that I seem to be handling well.

“The session helped me feel calmer, more centered, and more self-assured.

Christine is very personable, warm, and effective at what she does.” 

What a different way to live!
I am feeling really great. 

I’ve been able to enjoy my time and just be me. I am good enough.

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Whether you're looking for High Performance Coaching, RTT or Team Development to take yourself or your organization to the next level, I'd love to connect.

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